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Leadership & Operations

This page is for you… an opportunity to connect with other leaders within the Canadian healthcare industry.

Healthcare Brains is making it easier for you to take a few minutes for yourself. We are here to help support you in your endeavor to provide outstanding leadership in the healthcare industry. It’s healthcare and you’re tasked with doing more with less which means staying innovative and working smarter.  Our goal is to provide connections, resources and information so you have the opportunity to participate, learn strategies and stay on the leading edge.

Enjoy some of the things we have to offer:

-  Forums & News
-  Videos & Polls
-  Career Opportunities
-  Educational Opportunities & Information

Our 1st ever contest is now active... enter to WIN some great prizes. It’s an opportunity to connect with your colleagues, show your team spirit and win some great prizes.


Pronounced as one letter,
 and written with three,
 two letters there are,
 and two only in me.
 I’m double, I’m single,
 I’m black, blue, and gray,
 I’m read from both ends,
 and the same either way.
 What am I?

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