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For some easy rejuvenation, we’re a place you can turn to take a few minutes for yourself. Connect with fellow physicians, participate in a discussion, explore new opportunities or just have some fun.

Healthcare Brains was founded in 2011 and formed to support and celebrate the wonderful work of healthcare professionals in Canada.  We would love to hear about any suggestions or ideas you have that would enable Healthcare Brains to better support you.  If you have some great ideas, send us an email!

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One fine day Mosses and Jesus are golfing at a par 3, 170 yards with a green protected by a lake.

Moses says; “I think you should use a six iron.

“No” Jesus replies; “Tiger would use a nine iron.”

He addresses the ball, nice fluid take-back, quick natural swing and… splash, right in the lake.

Moses goes up, parts the water and retrieves the ball.

Returning, Moses advises; “I really think you should use a six iron.”

Unwavering, Jesus remarks; “Tiger would use a nine iron, I can do it with a nine iron.”

Another perfect swing of the club, beautiful contact… and splash, right into the lake.

“If you are not going to take my advice then go and collect your own ball.” snorts Moses.

Jesus is up walking on the lake looking for his ball when the group behind comes up to Moses.

Looking at Jesus on the water, one of them asks; “Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?”

“No” Moses replies; “Tiger Woods.”