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Need a coffee break? Relax with Healthcare Brains!

We are here to support you, connect you with other healthcare professionals, give you a smile and remind you that the work you do everyday is making a difference in Canadian’s lives.

Canada wouldn’t be the same place without nurses and Healthcare Brains is dedicated to supporting, connecting, and celebrating all healthcare professionals in Canada.

Enjoy some of the things we have to offer:

-  Forums & News
-  Videos & Polls
-  Career Opportunities
-  Educational Opportunities & Information

The 1st ever Healthcare Brains contest is now active!!!  Have a look for an opportunity to WIN !!!


You know its going to be a bad day when…

  • The hospital administrator leaves you a cryptic message about a news crew showing up “sometime today to do a little filming, so everyone act natural.”
  • You have writer’s cramp and still have seven hours of your shift left.